Longer stays, lower rates

Getting your business off the ground can be tough, renting an apartment shouldn’t be. 

Do you travel often for business for months at a time? Tired of the hit or miss of a host you don’t know and feeling like you’re living in someone else’s home? 

Blueground is today’s modern solution 
to the old-fashioned way of renting, 
moving & living.

Fit for the modern renter

The living solution that adjusts to your lifestyle

Blueground is reinventing the way people live by making apartments available where they want, when they want, and on the terms they want.

We operate a fast-growing network of expertly-designed, fully-furnished homes around the world. Curated and managed by us, our apartments provide renters with a launchpad to live globally, work remotely, and experience new adventures -- for a month, a year, or longer.

A full year of furnished living with up to $15K in upfront savings, lower monthly rates, rent freeze abilities, and the flexibility to explore cities around the world.

Ready to start saving?

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© Copyright 2024 Blueground, All rights Reserved.

© Copyright 2024 Blueground, All rights Reserved.

  • Save up to $15K upfront on furniture costs when compared to furnishing an apartment yourself**
  • With our 12+ months rental rate highlighted on our website, you can now access rates comparable to what unfurnished apartments would cost for that same period
  • Freeze your contract for up to 2 months and not pay any rent when you’re away
  •  Access to lower rent costs if switching between apartments over the year - No, or reduced, security deposit for US cities***


  • Freedom to leave (e.g., vacation, visit family) for extended periods with contract freeze features
  • Option to explore and relocate between cities and apartments across our entire portfolio in the USA, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East
  • Just a month’s notice required when moving between apartments


  • A year or more of hassle-free, fully furnished and serviced living
  •  Complimentary storage whenever possible, or deeply discounted storage rates
  • Elevated guest service with the help of your dedicated Blueground Guest Experience rep
  • Credibility and reliability from the decade-long world leader in 30+ day rental stays

Peace of mind

Unlock game-changing benefits

Our newest 1+ year furnished living solution that allows you to save more – and stress less! -- when you stay longer.
Unlock additional flexibility and savings with thousands saved in upfront furniture costs, rent freeze benefits when you’re away, lower rental rates, and the option to switch between homes & cities in the USA, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.*

What is Live@Blueground?

Live@Blueground is the better way to rent for

Looking to avoid heavy upfront costs, while saving over the year (e.g., not paying rent when away, snagging cheaper rent by staying in different locations)

Value-conscious renters

Flexible renters

Desires flexibility to move between cities or neighborhoods, and the peace of mind to explore living around the US

Hassle-free movers

Looking for the easiest way to relocate, eliminating the time and stress of searching, hauling furniture and purchasing pieces 
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Live@Blueground’s pricing advantage

Your solution for a long-term furnished rental competitive to what you’d pay for it unfurnished in the market
3 - What cities and apartments are available to choose from under the Live@Blueground service?
Blueground apartments in US cities*, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. 
2 - How can I get the lowest rate for a long-term booking?
Booking a 12+ month stay opts you into our exclusive Live@Blueground program, where you can take advantage of our most competitive price and also enjoy a host of additional benefits.
1 - What is the required minimum stay for Live@Blueground?
12 months, but guests can stay longer than that.
4 - How does 'rent freezing' work?
A guest can freeze their contract a maximum of three times for up to two months as part of each full 12-month commitment. 30 days notice required to freeze contract, and overall total stay duration of contract must still be 12+ months. 
For example: 
Freeze 2 months + 12 months stay = 14 total months. Availability for the same apartment, neighborhood or city before and after a freeze is not guaranteed (and if same unit is unavailable, your Sales rep will locate a comparable unit for you); cleaning fee will apply for each contract freeze.
5 - How can I relocate during my Live@Blueground stay?
You can relocate to Blueground’s US cities*, Europe, Asia, or the Middle East. 
In general, you can relocate between any qualifying, available apartments within the Live@Blueground portfolio with 30 days notice. Minimum 30 days stay per location OR minimum stay requirement of the city applies, whichever is longer; a cleaning fee for new unit of relocation will be applied, and is calculated based on the size of the apartment and city; monthly pricing will adjust according to each property’s 12-month rate. 
6 - How do cancellations work?
Cancelling before move-in
  • 30+ days prior to move-in: Blueground properties: 100% refund when cancelling 30+ days prior to move-in (excluding any service or card processing fees) Partner properties: Penalty of 10% of the booking value when cancelling 30+ days prior to move-in. Any card processing fees are non-refundable. 
  • 0-29 days prior to move-in: Blueground properties: Half month’s rent penalty (no service or card processing fee refund) Switching apartments before move-in: $1,500 penalty or half month's rent, depending on the city. Eligible for Blueground properties only. 
Ending your stay early (post move-in)
  • No termination fee applies if you end your stay with 30 days' written notice. 
  • For Blueground properties, your rate will be adjusted based on your actual length of stay. 
  • Any service, cleaning, or card processing fees are non-refundable.
7 - Are they any additional fees I need to be mindful of?
  • Utilities, cleaning costs, and fees/taxes are additional
  • Your security deposit will be refunded in full after you check out, provided there are no issues found during our inspection. If damages are assessed, or items are missing from the apartment, guests will generally receive partial refunds. Guests in the US who reserved their apartments with an instant bank transfer (Plaid) will be charged for damages or missing items via their linked bank accounts.
  • If relocating, the standard deposit policy for your next destination applies. 
* South America, Dallas, Nashville, and properties denoted with a "Partner Managed' badge are excluded. In certain instances, other homes may also be excluded, and our team will inform you when that's the case. 
** This applies to average furnishing costs for a US apartment, but figures will vary for other markets 
*** A refundable security deposit is required for guests who reserve with certain payment methods, depending on the city. Guests who stay in US cities and pay with an instant bank transfer (Plaid) can avoid this charge.