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© Copyright 2023 Blueground, All rights Reserved.

© Copyright 2023 Blueground, All rights Reserved.

Developed with the unique needs of students in mind, Studentground is a groundbreaking student housing solution from Blueground–the trusted leader in global furnished rentals for flexible stays of 1 month or more.

Why settle for dorms & cookie-cutter grad student housing when you can choose from any of Blueground’s 15K+ private turnkey apartments around the world! Enjoy access to discounted rates, flexible durations, ‘rent-free’ periods when you’re away and proximity to the best neighborhoods close to campus.

Discover the new standard 
in student living

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

4 - Are there any additional fees I need to be aware of?
The prices displayed on the website include the base rental amount for the selected duration. The best available rate is shown until you enter your specific stay dates. Utilities are listed separately on the website, while cleaning and other amenities are charged separately for guests that want to take advantage of these services. Additionally, where applicable, Blueground complies with local city and state laws and charges taxes and occupancy fees. To view the complete pricing breakdown for your stay, make sure to add your dates to a listing.
3 - What is the required minimum stay?
The minimum stay requirements vary among different cities, but in most cases, it is one month.
2 - Why is there a range of potential discounts?
The variation in discount rates is based on the different price points of each city. Therefore, specific discount rates are applied according to the city you choose.
6 - How do security deposits work?
The deposit, if applicable, will be a fixed rate, charged when the contract is signed, and will be held until the end of the contract. It will be authorized to cover any damages or pricing reconciliation. The deposit will be forfeited if the guest decides to cancel the contract early (after the initial 30 day window). There will be no deposit for guests who use Plaid for payment.
7 - Do TV and internet services come included in the price?
Yes, TV and internet services are included in the price.
8 - How can I access these discounts and other perks?
To access the discounts and other perks, please fill out the form above, and a member of our sales team will contact you to discuss and find properties that match your needs. Once you book based on one of the available duration tiers, you will be able to access Studentground's exclusive discounts & perks.

Experience seamless student housing with 

Offering students flexible, easy & discounted access to all of Blueground's 15,000+ premium, furnished apartments around the world.

Program offering & features

Take advantage of exclusive discounts and features based on your duration of stay.

Ideal for every type of student journey

Studentground is tailored to your unique circumstances

12 months +

  • Our lowest monthly rental rates comparable to similar unfurnished apartments
  • Save upfront on furniture costs when compared to furnishing an apartment yourself
  • Ability to not pay rent for up to 3 months when you're away (e.g., summer break, on a trip, visiting family)
  • Flexibility to switch between apartments & cities in our U.S. portfolio

9-11 months

Discount of up to $2,000 for US cities/up to $1,000 for EMEA cities* 
+ access to Blueground's core features

3 - 8 months

Up to 3 months

Access to Blueground's core benefits: e.g., move-in ready, beautifully furnished home; flexible lease terms & competitive rates in a global city of your choice
Discount up to $500 for US cities/up to $250 for EMEA cities* 
+ access to Blueground's core features
*exact discount amount varies by city of stay (please consult with your Blueground Student Housing Sales Rep)

Length of stay

Discounts & features

The Studentground advantage

Access a range of incredible benefits tailored to your unique student living circumstances.


Stays of 1 month or more, tailored to your school/work/life needs

Substantial savings

‘Stay more, save more’; exclusive discounts for students on top of website rates; no rent during off months; and zero upfront furniture costs’

Move-in ready

Enjoy full furnishings, Wi-Fi, fully equipped kitchen


Access to Blueground's network of apartments in buildings and neighborhoods selected with our guests' safety and well-being in mind


24/7 issue resolution through our Guest App

Hassle-free process

Online self-booking; no guarantor required; no hard credit pulls, and no credit needed for international students; reduced security deposit and no rigid annual lease
Those in search of flex lease terms (e.g., the entire academic year, a semester or two, or during an internship)
Those ready to plant roots and commit to a new city for an extended period of time
Those with firm-sponsored studies & housing and limited budget constraints
Those navigating the daunting task of finding housing in a new country
2-3 classmates looking to room together in a multi-bed apartment
International students:
Flexibility-first students:
Students ready to settle down:
Company-sponsored students:
9 - If I am not satisfied with my apartment, can I relocate to another one during my stay with Blueground?
Yes, you have the option to relocate to any qualifying and available apartments within the Blueground portfolio with 30 days' notice. The minimum stay requirement per location or the minimum stay requirement of the city, whichever is longer, applies. A cleaning fee will be applied for the new unit of relocation, calculated based on the apartment's size and city. The monthly pricing will adjust according to each property's rate. Your fixed security deposit will transfer between bookings, and no other booking fees, relocation fees, or deposits will apply.
10 - How do cancellations work?
Cancellation before move-in: 
  • 30+ days prior to move-in --> 100% refund. 
  • 0-29 days prior to move-in (for bookings without a prior apartment viewing) --> 1 month's rent credited for a future booking beginning between 30 and 180 days of the original move-in date. 
  • 0-29 days prior to move-in (for bookings with a prior apartment viewing) --> 1 month's rent penalty. 
  • Ending your stay early (post move-in) --> To end your stay, provide 30 days' written notice. Your rate will be adjusted based on the actual length of your stay. Please note that any booking, cleaning, or utility charges are non-refundable. 
Ending your stay early (post move in): 
  • End your stay with 30 days' written notice. 
  • Your rate will be adjusted based on your actual length of stay. 
  • Any booking, cleaning, or utility charges are non-refundable.
11 - How does the referral program work?
As part of your booking, you will receive a referral form to share with your friends and network. When someone makes a booking by citing you as the one that referred them, you will receive a $100 - $250 gift card (amount based on duration of referred booking) from the Blueground team.

Referral Bonus

Refer a classmate & earn $100 - $250 in gift cards for referrals leading to a successful booking

Welcome Gift

Snag a $50 Gift Card as part of your 'Welcome Kit' upon move-in

Additional Perks:

Length of stay

Discounts & features

Length of stay

Discounts & features

Length of stay

Discounts & features

1 - How much does a Blueground apartment cost, on average?
Our units cover a wide budget appetite for varying student living cost thresholds. For instance, in:
  • EMEA
    We have units ranging from, on average, €1500/mo (studios) to €10,000/mo. (4-5 multi bed flats ideal for roommate living)
  • USA
    We have units ranging from, on average, $1900/mo. (studios) to $7,800/mo. (3-4 multi bed apartments ideal for roommate living)
5 - How does the benefit of ‘rent-free’ periods work?
This feature is only available to students booking for 12+ months. Guests can freeze their contract as many times as they want for up to 3 months as part of each full 12 mo. commitment. Please note that 30 days notice required to freeze contract, and overall total stay duration of contract must still be 12+ months. 
For example, guests can: 
  • Freeze up to 3 months (rent-free) but must still commit to at least 12 months of paid-rent stay = 15 month contract.
When exercising the rent-freezing feature for extended periods of time, clients should not intend to keep their belongings in the apartment during that time. Availability for the same apartment, neighborhood or city before and after a freeze is not guaranteed (and if same unit is unavailable, your Sales rep will locate a comparable unit for you); cleaning fee will apply for each contract freeze.